Saturday, 16 July 2011

Some (random) days in photos.

These are just a few photos taken from the past few days -most seem to be involving food it seems! It's random days in photos because I don't actually remember when I took them - I just know it's around this week lol :)

My puppy, Tanah, she looked like a little fierce wolf in this pic.  What a cutie :) / Chicken, bacon & avocado bagel & mango ice tea.  Best combo ever. / Ham & Cheese Ravioli with sauce / Got my beloved laptop back after it had been away donkeys years for repair! (it was probably a week and a half) / Cheeky little nandos for lunch. Chicken wrap - medium hotness. Delish. / Catching up on my lover Ami James, NY Ink.  I miss Nunez though / Tonight's dinner success! Fajitas. Love me some Mexican!

It's not many I know, I don't have my camera with me.  My parents have borrowed it to go on their travels with, so I only have my phone and it appears I like to take photos of food as all I seem to do is eat!! Although you would think i'd be a better cook if I like eating.  Tried cooking a roast dinner last weekend - major fail.  I think the only edible thing were the peas, but hey I like peas!  

Anyone been watching the apprentice? I've got really into it this time round these last few weeks! There's nobody I really want to win though if i'm honest.  I'm so glad Melody & Natasha have gone.  It was actually watching it last week that i've been craving Mexican ever since after their last task! Can't say i'd eat in there though :/  Definitely preferred MyPy!  

Still going on my Law & Order SVU marathon too :) I'm almost finished with Season 3, i'll be onto Season 4 soon.  I watched the Sweetest Thing last night, haven't seen that film in ages and I needed a good laugh! 'You're too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here oh oh oh' rofl.

Oh oh one last thing before I go.  I ordered two things in the All Saints sale and eeeek i'm so excited for them to come!  I'm hoping they fit alright, and i'm hoping they should be here Monday! :D  Also, anyone else in the UK watching harry potter 1 right now?  How young do they all look?!  So sad it's come to an end :(


  1. Aww what breed is your puppy? She looks so cute!

    L x

  2. Lol thanks. She's a golden retriever :) x

  3. Tanah is such a cutie.. she be looking all fly like she just got her hair did with all the curls lolz.. work it B-|

  4. I know right B-) lol everybody always comments on her curls! But she's just a natural beauty of course :D