Saturday, 30 July 2011

I went shopping!

Yup, I went shopping ^^.  And got a few bits so thought I would share them with you!  This first one is from GAP sale.  Excuse the picture quality if you can, these were taken on my iphone & it's not great!

 This was only around £6 and I love it!  Purple with tie die type white stripes :)  It's really long and comfy and a great buy :)  I wish they did more i'd go back and get all different colours! Probably best they don't haha.  At least I don't think they do!  Oh, there is another top behind that, which is also new.  It's from H&M and it's just a blue tank top with a little lace outline, it's super cute and I have one in a burgundy as well and it's about £7!  I have a pic but it's not the best because the sun is on it: 
 Close up of the lace outline around the neck.  It's so easy to just chuck on and I just may have to go back and get more colours!  

The next two items are from the All Saints sale.  As much as I love All Saints their stuff is not cheap and it's best to wait for the sale before buying!  Mind you, even in the sale it's not cheap cheap, more like average!  Anyway...moving on..

I loovee this top ^ The dude on the front reminds me of a pirate although i'm not exactly sure who he's supposed to represent haha.  But he has an eye patch and a beard, so it's gotta be a pirate right?  This is a super long top too and it's really comfy and fitted.  It was £28 so not too bad and i'll wear it a lot! (Oh, the feathers aren't on the top, it's my dream catcher on the door haha) :)

Ahh this top.  So much drama over this top!  This was the one I was most excited about, because I am in love with the design.  HOWEVER..on the website it is described as an 'oversized tee', which is fine, I have no problem with that.  But honestly, this is more like an oversized poncho! Literally couldn't find the sleeve holes at first! I went to take it back and get a refund but appaz they only do exchanges, and there was nothing else I liked.  So i've decided to wear a belt with it and it looks okay.  It just looks a tad big on me otherwise, there's so much extra material!  Sorry for the picture of this one, I couldn't get one where the design was straight!  I'll try and maybe do an OOTD post in it or something, or get one where i'm wearing it on with the belt so you can see what it looks like properly :) 

The next two items are from H&M

Just a simple 3/4 length sleeve blue/green top.  So wearable and still cute! 

Last is a pair of converse look a like shoes.  Now, I have proper converse, but i've only worn them a couple of times and they are KILLING my feet I swear.  They hurt so much!  I'm hoping that wears off, but I have to work myself up to wear them everytime haha.  These howver, were only £10 and the comfiest shoes EVER . Seriously.  I really like the little side detailing, although it doesn't actually do up when you have them on.  On my feet anyway.  But they are super comfy and actually look really nice with skinny jeans.  I still need to find a pair of flats with support that look nice, and are comfy lol, but until then, these will do! 

I actually bought a lot more from H&M but that was only a couple of short cardigans (one in black, one in grey) and a black long sleeved top/jumper thing, none too exciting so didn't take a picture!  Oh, and a really nice long sleeve top with a little pocket on it but I already wore it so it's in the wash haha.  I'll fit it in another post soon if I can! :)

By the way, I am in LOVE with these jeans from Topshop after seeing them in Gem's post last night.  I seriously need them in my life!  Just the little leather detailing ahhh.  I die.  I'm hoping they come into shops soon so I can try them on.  Or I may have to order them online if Topshop have an easy return policy.  We'll see! 

Have you been buying anything recently?  What are you lusting after right now?

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A couple of reviews

 Boots Foaming Face Wash Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Cleanser Review (that is a long name!)

First thing, I have really really sensitive skin.  There are SO many brands that I can't use because they break me out, and when I get break outs, they don't go away.  I mean the bumps do (eventually) but they leave marks behind.  So I rarely try new products anymore, unless i've heard a lot of reviews that said product is good for sensitive skin.  Before this cleanser I was (still kinda am for my eyes) using Lush Ultrabland.  But that's kinda expensive and I was on the look out for a cheaper alternative.  I know tea tree and witch hazel are meant to be kind to skin, so I thought i'd give it a shot, and it's under £4 so it's not breaking the bank if it doesn't work! I gotta say though, I looovee this cleanser! Not only does it not break me out which is always a bonus, it leaves my face feeling really clean.  It has a slight minty smell but nothing at all overpowering and it leaves my face feeling fresh!Oh, and I know apparently you're not meant to use foaming cleansers for dry skin (which I have) as they can be quite drying, I haven't found this one to be drying at all and I have pretty dry skin! It tones as well, but I still like to use a toner a) just incase and b) i'm using it up lol. I use the 'Breath of Fresh Air' toner from Lush.  I love this too, just FYI :) 

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion  (And Pink Grapefruit Body Butter)

As well as sensitive skin I have, like I said, dry skin.  I actually got a sample of this in a magazine 'Easy Living' incase you were wondering!  And I loved it! I think it's the first time i've ever gone to buy something after i've had a sample from a magazine.  My usual body moisturiser - well actually, I have two, but we'll get to that in a minute! - is from Lush and is the 'Dream Cream'.  Now, why that is indeed a dream cream it's also roughly £10.something a pot.  I think this was half that, maybe even more then half that.  Like I said, finding cheaper alternatives :)  cheapskate over here haha! But I lovee this.  It makes my skin so smooth and doesn't have a bad smell.  Doesn't really have any smell actually, so good for sensitive skin too!  You get quite a bit in the bottle, as you can see 250ml, it's really tall haha! And this is the small one, there's a bigger one as well, I might go for that next time.  This is my night time moisturiser.  In the mornings I like to use something with a bit of a fresh scent to it, and that's where the pink grapefruit comes in!  It smells sooo good, and it's also really smooth, so you can't go wrong really!  Plus, they're usually in Body Shop 2 for £15, and I think on their own they're £12!  So you're getting a definite bargain if you pick two up!  The other one I picked up was a Coconut Body Scrub, which is good too, it just reminds me of Malibu everytime I smell it haha.  

And while I was in boots, I fancied trying a couple of face masks!  The one on the left is from the same range as the cleanser.  A Tea Tree and Witch Hazel peel off face mask (I keep wanting to write 'witch tree' and have no idea why haha!) This was around £1 so pretty darn cheap huh! I've used this, I really like it.  It's funny pulling it off though haha, looks like you're pulling off your skin! This made my skin feel really clean and i'll definitely be buying more.  For £1 something, you can't go wrong!  The 'mudd' mask I haven't tried yet, but looking forward to it!  Although I have been in the mud baths in Spain and as I almost fainted from the smell of that, i'm hoping this doesn't smell as bad haha.  This was also around £1 and they actually do a bigger pouch, but this was just for 1 mask as I wanted to try it out first.  I'll let you know how it goes when I do!

Have you been buying any skincare recently?  What would you recommend for dry/sensitive skin?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A great achievement...

Okay, so probably to you it's like 'what's the big deal?'  But to me, this was a pretty big deal.  This is coming from someone who doesn't cook very well (apart from sticking a ready meal in the oven), chicken is pretty hard to cook.  I've never managed to cook it right.  But tonight, I did.  And it was even better because it was something I was making up as I went along lol.  The thing I usually mess up on is the timings..something that i'll have to be careful with next time I get it.  Before it's always been chewy and blah.  But tonight it was soft and not dry :)  

What I did:  

  • Oxo chicken stock cube. 
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 Chopped Red Onion
  • Foil to wrap it in 
I melted the stock cube in boiling water & put it over the chicken breast.  Added the salt and pepper.  Added the chopped onion.  That was all the flavouring I did.  I added this all in whilst it was on the foil so the flavours would stay there.  Then I wrapped up the foil and stuck it in the oven.  My oven was already really hot anyway because I had a jacket potato in there, so make sure the oven is preheated.  I put it in for 15 minutes with the timer and checked it after that, and put it in for another 5 minutes just to be sure.  And it was pretty much perfect :) 

It tasted really nice.  The flavourings are probably something you can do with any dish.  I had a jacket potato and carrots with it, I would probably do new potatoes next time though maybe.  

Are you a good cook?  Any easy recipes for a novice like me? :)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Some (random) days in photos.

These are just a few photos taken from the past few days -most seem to be involving food it seems! It's random days in photos because I don't actually remember when I took them - I just know it's around this week lol :)

My puppy, Tanah, she looked like a little fierce wolf in this pic.  What a cutie :) / Chicken, bacon & avocado bagel & mango ice tea.  Best combo ever. / Ham & Cheese Ravioli with sauce / Got my beloved laptop back after it had been away donkeys years for repair! (it was probably a week and a half) / Cheeky little nandos for lunch. Chicken wrap - medium hotness. Delish. / Catching up on my lover Ami James, NY Ink.  I miss Nunez though / Tonight's dinner success! Fajitas. Love me some Mexican!

It's not many I know, I don't have my camera with me.  My parents have borrowed it to go on their travels with, so I only have my phone and it appears I like to take photos of food as all I seem to do is eat!! Although you would think i'd be a better cook if I like eating.  Tried cooking a roast dinner last weekend - major fail.  I think the only edible thing were the peas, but hey I like peas!  

Anyone been watching the apprentice? I've got really into it this time round these last few weeks! There's nobody I really want to win though if i'm honest.  I'm so glad Melody & Natasha have gone.  It was actually watching it last week that i've been craving Mexican ever since after their last task! Can't say i'd eat in there though :/  Definitely preferred MyPy!  

Still going on my Law & Order SVU marathon too :) I'm almost finished with Season 3, i'll be onto Season 4 soon.  I watched the Sweetest Thing last night, haven't seen that film in ages and I needed a good laugh! 'You're too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here oh oh oh' rofl.

Oh oh one last thing before I go.  I ordered two things in the All Saints sale and eeeek i'm so excited for them to come!  I'm hoping they fit alright, and i'm hoping they should be here Monday! :D  Also, anyone else in the UK watching harry potter 1 right now?  How young do they all look?!  So sad it's come to an end :(

Monday, 11 July 2011

It's been a while

Hey there.  I haven't posted in a while, for a couple of reasons.  The main one being that I had to send my laptop of for repair (warning, if you're looking to purchase a new laptop, I wouldn't recommend dell mainly because of the charger, and i'm not the first person to say this), but now I have it back and it's fixed woohoo! :D 

So, because I haven't had my laptop, I of course had to make some purchases to occupy myself.  
First up:  This bag from All Saints.  I paid £195 for it (that's how much I adore it) and of course it's now in the sale for a helluva lot cheaper -- always the way huh! 
 It's a leather shoulder bag (can also be worn across body), and is made from 'vintage bike jackets'.  It has straps hanging off which make it a little different to a plain black bag I think. 

The front has a lot of pockets, which I love.  And the main pocket actually holds quite a bit.  

One of my favourite, if not the favourite, parts of the bag is the strap.  I just love the silver detailing.  

I ran out of my body moisturiser, which was similar to these except it was from Marks & Spencer and mango scent.   These are from The Body Shop and the one on the left is an exfoliating scrub in Coconut, which I love the smell of but it totally reminds me of Malibu *giggles*, and the other one is a body butter in pink grapefruit and it smells amazing.  I haven't tried them yet so i'll let you know how moisturising they are! :D

The last thing is this book.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I needed a new read and i'd heard good things about it, although it's not usually the type I go for, being a fantasy novel.  I like it so far though and i'd definitely recommend it!  I hear they're making a new film out of it too, so i'll probably see that when it's out. 

Oh, I also got seasons 3 & 4 of Law and Order Special Victims Unit :D it's my favourite out of all the law and orders and CSI's, and i'm watching it from the beginning.  I'm halfway through season 3 already!  
I have a week off work next week which i'm really excited about.  I'm not actually doing anything for it, but I have the house to myself and as it's coming up to summer i'm hoping to spend some time at the beach.  For this I was thinking I should get some 'light hearted beach' reads.  These aren't the kind of books I usually go for so if anyone has any recommendations i'd love to hear them! 

'til next time :)