Friday, 17 June 2011


Sorry if the title misled you, this post is really nothing to do with the ocean.  It is infact the name of my new favourite pair of jeans. 

I'm pretty sure i'm not alone when I say that I own more than one of the same thing & always migrate to one pair.  In my case, it's jeans.  I have about 5 or 6 pairs in my drawer, one I wear on a regular basis and one I ocassionally throw in so it looks like I don't wear the same pair 5 days in a row.  

This said pair however, were too long when I first bought them a couple of years ago so all the bottoms are now all scuffed up, whilst in some cases this may look good..this did not.  It just looked rubbish.  I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to buy a pair but i've finally found them.  And I think they may be the perfect pair. 

Wasn't even aware that the last pic was in flash lulz, don't even know how to work that on my phone yet!  I had to crop out my toes too, I have hammer toes and they look funny.  Plus feet freak me out.  

Anywho, totally going off subject here.  The jeans are from Hollister and they are the Oceanside Super Skinny.  As much as I love the clothes from Hollister, don't even get me started on the store.  I honestly do not understand why they make it so dark in there!?  If you work at Hollister, please PLEASE do tell, i'm really curious.  I mean, for a clothes store you'd think there'd be some light so you could see them in their 'true colours' or whatever.  Also I haven't had great experience with the staff either.  I asked one girl in there where I could find the jeggings (I had to say it three times to be heard over the loud music - although gotta have a soft spot for the music!) and she looked at me a little blank and then she wandered around the store until we came to the jeans (I had already done this) and said uhm well we don't really get jeggings sometimes we get them in once in a while you just have to keep checking but we have super skinny..uhm yeah thanks for the help. I think.  

I do love me some super skinny though.  At first they were a little tight & I was tempted to go back and switch for the bigger size (something none of us wants to do!) but I'm used to it now and I can honestly say they are bloody comfy.  I know jeans are a really hard item to choose as there are so many but I think I will definitely go back to Hollister for them. 

I'd say go to Hollister if you can get past the loud music and the darkness, the clothes are great.  Just make it a quick trip.  

I'm going shopping tomorrow, if the heavens don't open (pleeeeease!) i'm hopefully going to All Saints.  In major love with their stuff and I want a new bag and also a bracelet from there.  Hopefully i'll come back bearing gifts!! For myself!

What are you up to this weekend?