Saturday, 30 July 2011

I went shopping!

Yup, I went shopping ^^.  And got a few bits so thought I would share them with you!  This first one is from GAP sale.  Excuse the picture quality if you can, these were taken on my iphone & it's not great!

 This was only around £6 and I love it!  Purple with tie die type white stripes :)  It's really long and comfy and a great buy :)  I wish they did more i'd go back and get all different colours! Probably best they don't haha.  At least I don't think they do!  Oh, there is another top behind that, which is also new.  It's from H&M and it's just a blue tank top with a little lace outline, it's super cute and I have one in a burgundy as well and it's about £7!  I have a pic but it's not the best because the sun is on it: 
 Close up of the lace outline around the neck.  It's so easy to just chuck on and I just may have to go back and get more colours!  

The next two items are from the All Saints sale.  As much as I love All Saints their stuff is not cheap and it's best to wait for the sale before buying!  Mind you, even in the sale it's not cheap cheap, more like average!  Anyway...moving on..

I loovee this top ^ The dude on the front reminds me of a pirate although i'm not exactly sure who he's supposed to represent haha.  But he has an eye patch and a beard, so it's gotta be a pirate right?  This is a super long top too and it's really comfy and fitted.  It was £28 so not too bad and i'll wear it a lot! (Oh, the feathers aren't on the top, it's my dream catcher on the door haha) :)

Ahh this top.  So much drama over this top!  This was the one I was most excited about, because I am in love with the design.  HOWEVER..on the website it is described as an 'oversized tee', which is fine, I have no problem with that.  But honestly, this is more like an oversized poncho! Literally couldn't find the sleeve holes at first! I went to take it back and get a refund but appaz they only do exchanges, and there was nothing else I liked.  So i've decided to wear a belt with it and it looks okay.  It just looks a tad big on me otherwise, there's so much extra material!  Sorry for the picture of this one, I couldn't get one where the design was straight!  I'll try and maybe do an OOTD post in it or something, or get one where i'm wearing it on with the belt so you can see what it looks like properly :) 

The next two items are from H&M

Just a simple 3/4 length sleeve blue/green top.  So wearable and still cute! 

Last is a pair of converse look a like shoes.  Now, I have proper converse, but i've only worn them a couple of times and they are KILLING my feet I swear.  They hurt so much!  I'm hoping that wears off, but I have to work myself up to wear them everytime haha.  These howver, were only £10 and the comfiest shoes EVER . Seriously.  I really like the little side detailing, although it doesn't actually do up when you have them on.  On my feet anyway.  But they are super comfy and actually look really nice with skinny jeans.  I still need to find a pair of flats with support that look nice, and are comfy lol, but until then, these will do! 

I actually bought a lot more from H&M but that was only a couple of short cardigans (one in black, one in grey) and a black long sleeved top/jumper thing, none too exciting so didn't take a picture!  Oh, and a really nice long sleeve top with a little pocket on it but I already wore it so it's in the wash haha.  I'll fit it in another post soon if I can! :)

By the way, I am in LOVE with these jeans from Topshop after seeing them in Gem's post last night.  I seriously need them in my life!  Just the little leather detailing ahhh.  I die.  I'm hoping they come into shops soon so I can try them on.  Or I may have to order them online if Topshop have an easy return policy.  We'll see! 

Have you been buying anything recently?  What are you lusting after right now?


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  2. yes yes YAS! pls do an ootd :D
    love the anker shirt.. oversized is so comfy especially in autumn/winter.. u could eat all the cookies and drink hot chocolat.. and noone will notice the tummy expanding in a shirt like that lmfao XD .. those shoes are awesome btw thats totally sumthin id rock.. im lusting over this big cardigan in H&M i believe its 29.95 i might actually buy it..cuz itll be good for those times where its too warm for a wintercoat..but too cold for the yes thats onmy "want-list" right now

  3. Hey, thanks UndercoverStyle! Unfortunately I missed the jeans, they were only up for a little while. I think they're back for the A/W season though :) Thanks again.

    Mira..I haven't worn it yet so i'll do one soon when I wear it! haha that's true I didn't think of that xD ...thanks, the shoes are really comfy too :D oooh what's the cardigan look like? Yeah oversize cardigans are so comfy and just nice to throw should get it and then show me :D

  4. its brown.. well not brown.. like a caramel coler and then it has 2 darkblue stripes.. i havent been in the city yet..and i saw it before i went on vacaay so i hope its still there *crosses fingers*