Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A couple of reviews

 Boots Foaming Face Wash Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Cleanser Review (that is a long name!)

First thing, I have really really sensitive skin.  There are SO many brands that I can't use because they break me out, and when I get break outs, they don't go away.  I mean the bumps do (eventually) but they leave marks behind.  So I rarely try new products anymore, unless i've heard a lot of reviews that said product is good for sensitive skin.  Before this cleanser I was (still kinda am for my eyes) using Lush Ultrabland.  But that's kinda expensive and I was on the look out for a cheaper alternative.  I know tea tree and witch hazel are meant to be kind to skin, so I thought i'd give it a shot, and it's under £4 so it's not breaking the bank if it doesn't work! I gotta say though, I looovee this cleanser! Not only does it not break me out which is always a bonus, it leaves my face feeling really clean.  It has a slight minty smell but nothing at all overpowering and it leaves my face feeling fresh!Oh, and I know apparently you're not meant to use foaming cleansers for dry skin (which I have) as they can be quite drying, I haven't found this one to be drying at all and I have pretty dry skin! It tones as well, but I still like to use a toner a) just incase and b) i'm using it up lol. I use the 'Breath of Fresh Air' toner from Lush.  I love this too, just FYI :) 

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion  (And Pink Grapefruit Body Butter)

As well as sensitive skin I have, like I said, dry skin.  I actually got a sample of this in a magazine 'Easy Living' incase you were wondering!  And I loved it! I think it's the first time i've ever gone to buy something after i've had a sample from a magazine.  My usual body moisturiser - well actually, I have two, but we'll get to that in a minute! - is from Lush and is the 'Dream Cream'.  Now, why that is indeed a dream cream it's also roughly £10.something a pot.  I think this was half that, maybe even more then half that.  Like I said, finding cheaper alternatives :)  cheapskate over here haha! But I lovee this.  It makes my skin so smooth and doesn't have a bad smell.  Doesn't really have any smell actually, so good for sensitive skin too!  You get quite a bit in the bottle, as you can see 250ml, it's really tall haha! And this is the small one, there's a bigger one as well, I might go for that next time.  This is my night time moisturiser.  In the mornings I like to use something with a bit of a fresh scent to it, and that's where the pink grapefruit comes in!  It smells sooo good, and it's also really smooth, so you can't go wrong really!  Plus, they're usually in Body Shop 2 for £15, and I think on their own they're £12!  So you're getting a definite bargain if you pick two up!  The other one I picked up was a Coconut Body Scrub, which is good too, it just reminds me of Malibu everytime I smell it haha.  

And while I was in boots, I fancied trying a couple of face masks!  The one on the left is from the same range as the cleanser.  A Tea Tree and Witch Hazel peel off face mask (I keep wanting to write 'witch tree' and have no idea why haha!) This was around £1 so pretty darn cheap huh! I've used this, I really like it.  It's funny pulling it off though haha, looks like you're pulling off your skin! This made my skin feel really clean and i'll definitely be buying more.  For £1 something, you can't go wrong!  The 'mudd' mask I haven't tried yet, but looking forward to it!  Although I have been in the mud baths in Spain and as I almost fainted from the smell of that, i'm hoping this doesn't smell as bad haha.  This was also around £1 and they actually do a bigger pouch, but this was just for 1 mask as I wanted to try it out first.  I'll let you know how it goes when I do!

Have you been buying any skincare recently?  What would you recommend for dry/sensitive skin?


  1. woot glad to see a part 2 to the grapefruit review as i was wonderin if it actually helps smoothen the skin besides just smelling good.. one bodylotion that really helps good for my dry skin.. is that coconut&guava bodylotion by "Freeman" (that pink bottle i did a review on) they have really good smelling stuff.. i remember smelling this pineapple facial literally smelled like freshcut pineapple.. i went back a week later to buy it and it was gone.. seriously every other smell was there except pineapple -_- rofl.. butyeah if u see that anywhere id def recommend it xxx

  2. yup definitely look into the grapefruit one it's worth it! Lol that's always the way huh..'you don't know what you had til it's gone' rofl..i'll be on the look out for it though it sounds good xD