Monday, 11 July 2011

It's been a while

Hey there.  I haven't posted in a while, for a couple of reasons.  The main one being that I had to send my laptop of for repair (warning, if you're looking to purchase a new laptop, I wouldn't recommend dell mainly because of the charger, and i'm not the first person to say this), but now I have it back and it's fixed woohoo! :D 

So, because I haven't had my laptop, I of course had to make some purchases to occupy myself.  
First up:  This bag from All Saints.  I paid £195 for it (that's how much I adore it) and of course it's now in the sale for a helluva lot cheaper -- always the way huh! 
 It's a leather shoulder bag (can also be worn across body), and is made from 'vintage bike jackets'.  It has straps hanging off which make it a little different to a plain black bag I think. 

The front has a lot of pockets, which I love.  And the main pocket actually holds quite a bit.  

One of my favourite, if not the favourite, parts of the bag is the strap.  I just love the silver detailing.  

I ran out of my body moisturiser, which was similar to these except it was from Marks & Spencer and mango scent.   These are from The Body Shop and the one on the left is an exfoliating scrub in Coconut, which I love the smell of but it totally reminds me of Malibu *giggles*, and the other one is a body butter in pink grapefruit and it smells amazing.  I haven't tried them yet so i'll let you know how moisturising they are! :D

The last thing is this book.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I needed a new read and i'd heard good things about it, although it's not usually the type I go for, being a fantasy novel.  I like it so far though and i'd definitely recommend it!  I hear they're making a new film out of it too, so i'll probably see that when it's out. 

Oh, I also got seasons 3 & 4 of Law and Order Special Victims Unit :D it's my favourite out of all the law and orders and CSI's, and i'm watching it from the beginning.  I'm halfway through season 3 already!  
I have a week off work next week which i'm really excited about.  I'm not actually doing anything for it, but I have the house to myself and as it's coming up to summer i'm hoping to spend some time at the beach.  For this I was thinking I should get some 'light hearted beach' reads.  These aren't the kind of books I usually go for so if anyone has any recommendations i'd love to hear them! 

'til next time :) 


  1. that pink grapefruit one sounds amazing.. u must lemmi know if its good cuz i might actually buy it then B-)

  2. it smells so should definitely get it :)

    idk if i'd get the coconut one again.. < i almost said the malibu one rofl..cus i think of malibu & coke everytime i put it on lulz..they do a mango one too..i might get that next time B-)