Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Raspberry Sorbet: Philosophy Review

It's one of those brands that you always (or I do at least) hear about over in America but is not always readily available in the UK.  So when it popped up in my local Boots I was delighted as there were so many things I wanted to try.  The first thing I knew I wanted to try was one of their 3 in 1 bottles, ie shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.  

I've always been slightly suspicious of products that claim to do all this, as essentially they all do the same thing (clean you), but do they do it as well as they would do if they were on their own? 

In short - No.  In all fairness I haven't actually tried this as a bubble bath yet, I would like to say that it's because we just had Summer but let's face it, that would be a lie.  I've never been a huge bath person, much preferring showers due to their quickness, but occasionally I like a bath.  As a shampoo though, well, it didn't really do anything amazing to my hair, nothing horrible happened, but it was pretty standard (dare I even say below?).  As for shower gel, it doesn't exactly - couldn't think of a better word - blend very well.  I don't know about you, but I like my shampoos to feel like it's washing my whole arm/leg/body part rather than sitting in one place and me scrubbing endlessly without much result.  Oh eventually it will of course, but I don't really like taking that much effort in the shower with my shower gel. 

The price for this in my local Boots anyway, is I believe, £14.  Definitely not worth that much in my opinion.  I know in the picture above, i'm about half way through, and you would think I adored it.  But i'm just trying to use it all up in all honesty.

Oh, and I read a couple of reviews on this before I bought it, somebody said that they've had their bottle for a year and it's still going strong - seriously?!  Because i've only had this a couple of months and it's just gone half way!

Spend your money on other things I say!

Have you tried any philosophy products?

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