Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lockets & Patterns

So, you know when you're out shopping and you spot something that you just HAVE to have?  That's what happened with these two things right here. 

I fell in love with the locket and knew I had to have it.  I've been looking for a locket for a while, ever since my precious girl, my golden retriever Tanah passed away, so I can put her picture in there.  It was a beautiful find and even though it was expensive, it's something i'll wear every day so I figured it was worth it.  

The cardigan is from Urban Outfitters and again, I kinda had to have it.  I looove the pattern and the dark red colour, it's warm and it makes me think of Winter and Christmas, both of which I love!  According to the girl on the till, the cardigan is really popular and apparently they sold out yesterday but found a few random ones lurking in the back.  This was the only one in my size, so I figured it was fate! 

What have you been buying lately?


  1. ohhh thats exactly the kind of locket i meant with "vintage" im so glad u found one.. did u decide on what piccies yet?
    that cardigan looks so comfy *hugs* makes me think of cold weather and hot i like the lenght offit to..good buys *nods*

  2. I LOVE the cardigan! I've been looking for one just like this! I hope they still have this available!

    Lou from xx